Behaviors That Harm Your Success Series- How Your Comfort Zone Holds You Back From Success

Behaviors That Harm Your Success Series- How Your Comfort Zone Holds You Back From Success

How Your Comfort Zone Holds You Back From Success

Success looks different to different people. For some, it is about having a loving family and raising children as productive members of society. For others, success is about pushing boundaries and grasping that next great adventure. However, if you are stuck and feel like you aren’t where you want to be in life, it may be because your comfort zone is a little too comfortable. There is nothing wrong with living life comfortably and within the familiar. But for those looking to become successful in their life, your comfort zone may be holding you back.

Ways Your Comfort Zones Prevents Your Success

Routines bring us comfort. Comfort gives us a sense of confidence in knowing what to expect. It sounds delightful until you become bored and feel an itching to try something new. Then your comfort zone can become your biggest enemy on your path to success. Here are a few ways that staying comfortable prevents the success you desperately seek:

  1. You lose who you are. Staying comfortable removes risks that help you discover your true self. How will you ever learn to overcome new challenges if you don’t take risks? Instead of giving into fear and staying safe, consider stepping out, taking the risk, and learning from the process. You may discover a whole new you lurking beneath the surface.

  2. You stop learning and progressing. Our brains need stimulus to stay sharp—sharp brains aid in attaining success. Routines and comfort can stall this, making it difficult to grow and reach new personal heights. With personal growth, you increase your abilities and your chances of success.

  3. You find reasons to postpone your success. Ostriches will put their head in the sand, thinking the lion cannot see them. The truth is, the lion still sees the ostrich that is now a sitting duck. When you live in your comfort zone for too long, you become like the ostrich burying its head in the face of difficulty. Success requires you to look ‘danger’ in the face and keep moving forward.

  4. You lose out on new dreams. Dreaming one goal leads to dreaming more. Success lives off of the plans you come up with. Your comfort zone may leave you in a cozy haze of complacency that threatens your future happiness. You will never know what could have been if you stop dreaming.

Don’t let complacency get in the way of your dreams. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and resume your journey to success.

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