Success Blockers Series-2-Why Are We So Afraid of Failure?

January 21, 2024
Success Blockers Series-2-Why Are We So Afraid of Failure?

Success Blockers Series-

Why Are We So Afraid of Failure?

You want to take that risk to quit your current job and work the job of your dreams. You really do, but you are too afraid that you will fail if you do. So why are you so scared of failing that you let it hold you back? Keep reading to learn more about why you are so afraid of failure.

It’s Part of Human Nature

First and foremost, fear is part of human nature. No matter who you are, you have something you are afraid of, and for most people, this includes failing. Additionally, people who are afraid of similar things, like asking for help, or embarrassment, might be afraid of failing because it leads to these two things.

It takes a lot of work to overcome this fear because it is deeply ingrained. But it is possible, so don't write off your fear just yet.

You Learned to Be Afraid as a Child

Maybe your parents scolded you terribly when you made a mistake. While they may not have realized it then, this is negative reinforcement of failure. Instead of punishing you for doing something wrong, they should let you learn your lesson and move on.

Either way, those patterns from being a child are now deeply ingrained in your psyche. You can overcome this fear by recognizing that the punishments you experienced as a kid are not what you will experience now. If you still struggle to overcome these fears, you may need to talk to a professional.

You’re a Perfectionist

No matter how much you wish for something to be perfect, it never will be. It's time to let go of your perfectionism when it comes to failure. This will be very difficult if you are a true perfectionist. Remember that failure is a normal part of life and that you shouldn't take any failure personally.

You can also remind yourself that you don't have to be perfect on the first try. Even if you fail the first time around, you may master the activity or job with perfection the second time around. Either way, don't let your perfectionism keep you from what you want to achieve in life.

In conclusion, it's perfectly normal to be afraid of failure. After all, it's in your blood. There are other reasons you may be afraid of failure, too, such as events that happened in your childhood or because you are a perfectionist. Don't let either of these things hold you back, as the only way to success is by overcoming your fear of failure and taking a step into the unknown.

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