Happy New Year! 2021 is Finally Here! What Do You Want To Accomplish in 2021?

By Wally Velishek

Happy New Year Everyone!

 Welcome to 2021!



    Are you excited to be in a New Year also? Now that 2021 is here, I want this new year to be my only focus while leaving the poor memories and failed goals of 2020 behind. During the “Unprecedented” time, we all had to make many adjustments. While we as a nation are months from being out of the woods and to a time resembling what we called normal. We now know what to do to do our best at protecting our family, neighbors, and ourselves and several vaccines are beginning to be available, which should give us all hope. 

  We can’t sit still, waiting for the pandemic to end. We must think about what we want to accomplish this year. I realized that many of my goals this January 1st are the same as previous January 1st goals and resolutions. I want to exercise more. I need to lose weight. I want financial security. I want to accomplish my goals.

  Something I have learned from the pandemic is that I need better skills to deal with these hard times. Does this mean cultivating a deeper, more personal relationship with GOD ( Higher Power, Good Orderly Direction, Creator, etc)? Is it time to take meditation seriously and to a deeper level? Are there mental blocks preventing me from accomplishing the goals that I need to work through? How can I reach my ideal weight this year? How can I achieve my fitness goals this year?

  What do I need to do differently to make 2021 successful? What are your goals for 2021? Do you have resolutions set? Are any of these goals or resolutions the same as previous years? Most of my goals are the same as in previous years and in all honesty, I have failed every one of them? Now think back to January 1st, 2020: what were your resolutions? What were your goals? Did you have success with any of them?

  I have been talking with several of my friends in the last few weeks about their goals and resolutions for 2021. I asked them about their previous failures and something I heard over and over was “I tried to lose weight but I couldn’t stick to my diet” and “I started working out and going to the gym but that would only last for a week or two”. One friend told me that in 2020 she tried four separate times to start a fitness routine. Four times she went to the gym 2 or 3 times in the first week, then stopped going. Usually, the reasons were fatigue and soreness from exercising too much too quickly. I also heard “I did okay eating healthier for a little while”, “I lost some weight then I went back to my old eating habits and gained it all back”. Does any of this sound familiar? It is embarrassing to admit that this fits me to a tee ( A XXL Tee   )!

  I have a list of goals I want to accomplish in 2021 which include the usuals. To lose weight, to start and continue an exercise regimen, to eat healthier, also, achieve financial success, meditating, and leading a more spiritual life. Success with some of these goals will have tangible results that will be easy to see. What are your goals and resolutions? Think about it and write them down.

   Now the question is, what do we need to do differently to have successful results in 2021? Any ideas? My answer is “We need to create positive habits to reach our goals”. I have an idea of how to create positive habits that will result in long-term results. In my next post, I will describe my idea and plans in detail, including my plans for a community to support each other. If you have questions or you want to share your ideas, goals, or struggles, comment below or send me an email to blog at tampgo dot com .